Senzimi Sensitive Skincare

Honest, natural, solutions for sensitive and irritable skin and scalp... 

For your scalp: seborriheic eczema, dandruff

For your skin: eczema, rosacea, acne, psoriasis, blepharitis

At Senzimi our products are 90%-99.75% natural.  We are one of a very small number of businesses that state the percentage of natural ingredients we use. Did you know that producers can promote their products as "natural" with only 25% of "natural" ingredients (by volume).  The claim of how "natural" a product is on its label and packaging is not well regulated and could be misleading.

Senzimi solutions are safe and fully tested and we have many happy users of all ages.

Senzimi solutions offer great value for money - we are less than half the price of some of the large global brands who claim to offer "similar" formulations for sensitive and irritable skin.  

Senzimi is made and packaged in Britain.  Its founder, Tim, developed Senzimi solutions when he realised that there was nothing on the market that would meet the sensitive and irritable skincare needs of his family.


The Senzimi Promise

  • Free from sulphates and mineral oils.
    91% - 99% natural.
    All sensitive skin types, dermatologically tested.
    Suitable for vegetarians.

The Honest Truth

  • "I think this is a really lovely range, great prices, packaging and formulations…I have been recommending to lots of people, not just those with sensitive skin as I think it’s a lovely range for anyone.”

    Jasmine Clarke from Manchester

    “Senzimi has nailed it! This is definitely my new day cream. I love it – my order is in!”

    Jo-Emma Larvin, Model

    "Just for your info, the moisturiser really is fantastic and so much superior to anything else on the market - a couple of grim wrinkles appeared from too much sun this summer and the moisturiser sorted them out really well - better than anything else I tried."

    Ros from Devon




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